1. How can I order prints?
  2. What is infrared photography?
  3. What kind of equipment do you use?
  4. Are you looking for models?
  5. Can I use your photos on my website?
  6. What does “Ados” mean?
  1. How can I order prints?

    If you'd like to order a print, simply contact me with the image ID of the photo you'd like to order, the size of the print, and whether you would like it framed and I will get back to you within 48 hours with a quote. If you click on the "Comment/Request Quote" link below any photograph,the ID will automatically be entered into the contact form for you.

  2. What is infrared photography?

    Light is a wave, just like sound. And just as there are sounds that humans can't hear (such as the low frequencies used by elephants and whales to communicate or the high pitch noise of a dog whistle), there are wavelengths of light that humans can't see. These include the UV that gives you sunburns, the microwaves that warm your dinner, and the X-rays that are used to check your bags at the airport. By using special film or digital sensors, infrared light, which exists just beyond the deepest reds, can be recorded to produce beautiful, luminous images.

  3. Are you looking for models?

    I am always looking for fun, outgoing models who would like to work on fine art projects with me in the Seattle area. Because I prefer working with people who truly enjoy modeling and the creative process, I do not pay my models, but I do provide a CD of all the unretouched images from the shoot as well as all those which I have processed for my website. Models who wish to order prints from their shoot pay only actual printing costs. If you are interested in modeling, please contact me with what you have in mind and we can discuss it further.

  4. Can I use your photos on my website?

    Probably, but I would need to have a look at your website first to see how you intend to use them.

    Also, you would have to agree to the following conditions:

    1. That the image be used exactly as I provide it to you, without alteration (including cropping)
    2. That the text "adosphotography.com © Matthew Breindel" be printed readably somewhere near the picture (below or to the side)
    3. The photo must link back to this site, although exceptions can be made under certain circumstances.
    If you would like to use a photo, please contact me with its ID number (found at the bottom-left of each photo in the gallery), your website address, your name, and the dimensions of the image you require.


  5. What does “Ados” mean?

    Ados is an anglicized spelling of the ancient greek word "eidos" which means "that which is seen."

  6. What kind of equipment do you use?

    For most of my work these days I used a Canon Rebel XSi, custom modified to take infrared photographs, as well as a series of custom filters that allow me to choose whether I want to record visible light or part of the infrared spectrum.